Glendower Stream

Description of the Glendower Stream *

The Glendower stream rises in Wilbart, Germiston, and flows first through Bedfordview, the Glendower suburb and Glendower Golf Course to enter the Jukskei River at the Linksfield Road Intersection. The area south of the R24 Freeway was developed in the 1990’s and 200’s from smallholding farmland to office parks.

There is a plan to improve drainage further upstream from the start of the above-ground stream in Solheim to Protea Road. The draft Environmental Basic Assessment GAUT 002/13-14/E0294 was completed in May 2015. The Environmental Practitioners are Ecoinfo.

In the summer of 2009/2010 Boeing Road East was flooded. Since then this section of the stream has been excavated and straightened by the municipality on two occasions to improve drainage. In August 2015 a third reconstruction on a larger scale started, together with an office development on the west bank next to the freeway.

Glendower Stream map
Map of Glendower Stream

Health of the Glendower Stream *

River Health was monitored at the Boeing Road East Bridge. The health deteriorated from 2003/04 summer season to 2008/09 when construction made the site unsuitable. Assess to the site has recently been closed.

Glendower Stream River Health 2003 to 2008
Glendower Stream River Health 2003 to 2008

In 2015 River Health was assessed in the Glendower Golf Course where the stream enters downstream of Boeing Road East and where the stream exits to the Jukskei River. The health of the river was poor, but showed improvement as it flowed through the open area.

Pollution and Sewage *

The Glendower Stream is often polluted by sewage spills and industrial discharges. Some of the sources identified by Edenvale RiverWatch have been long standing and in place difficult to get to. Some recent examples:

Glendower Stream Mountjoy Rd sewage 31 Aug 2015 (2)
Sewage flow into Glendower Stream 29 August 2015
Glendower Stream sewage spill May 2016
Glendower Stream sewage spill May 2016

Industrial discharge into Glendower Stream February 2016. A time lapse video shows what happened in the course of a day, condensed to 60 seconds. This pollution is still not resolved.

Photo Monitoring the Glendower Stream *

This record shows the development between Boeing Road East and the R24 Freeway.

Glendower Stream March 2013
Glendower Stream March 2013